The Fountain of our inspiration has been our little boy who came into our lives in May 2015, this focussed all our ideas and goals into one place, inspiring us to create and give life to a baby yoga clothing line, accessory and art. Our intention is to promote handcrafted quality and unique design customize to keep you "Always In Good Spirit" . Every single piece is handmade in Italy and we have chosen the best and most comfortable fabrics for your baby to wear, with exclusive fun doodle textile.​​



Our story

Lola discovered yoga in 2003, when she first started working as a therapist in a health club in Chelsea. Falling in love with yoga, Lola carried on practicing different styles such as Ashtanga, Hatha and Bikram yoga.Inspired by her work place, a luxury Spa in London, she started studying different therapies like Reiki, Indian head and Thai yoga massage. Lola truly believes that a healthy mind always resides in a healthy body “mens sana in corpore sano” and the healing of others was the only way to find this magical holistic world, which began her path in to yoga.In 2010 Lola started her journey with The Yoga People (, where she improved her skills as student of Ashtanga Vinyasa and began her path as a yoga teacher. Loving the freedom and the truthfulness of yoga, she combines this passion with her job as therapist, healing herself and others.Lola taught private and group classes for about a year and in the early 2013 she visited Asia, discovering the magical Bali life and spirit. Then she decided to embrace a new style of yoga in order to improve her knowledge and create a new system. Spending a whole month studying in Ubud, with Jo Phee and Jo Barnett, understanding anatomy , meridians lines and the interesting style of Yin Yoga, finding the perfect harmony and balance in all levels: physically, energetically and mentally. 

Only a year later Lola was gifted to the most wonderful journey in her life as a woman, she become pregnant and decided to studied with Katy ( the beauty of Pre & Post Natal Yoga and Baby Massage, expanding her knowledge as a teacher but also as mother-

Lola she teach a combination of Yin & Yang yoga classes as well as Vinyasa and Pre -Natal yoga, following every time different themes according to Seasons, Meridian Lines & Chakras. Creating a unique practice to help you rebalance and recharge from the busy lifestyle.


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